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Sewing Tools

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Before starting up with dress making ,it is very important for the beginners to know various types of sewing tools .These tools are used to facilitate and to provide ease to the stitchers. These tools are:

   Measuring Tape: Measuring tape is also known as inch-tape. Measurements in both inches and centimeters are given on it. It is the flexible tape generally made out of plastic ribbon.             

Tailor Chalk- These are hard chalks or soap stones used for marking the fabric. These are temporary markings and on washing these markings are easily removed.

Hand Needle: Hand needle is a long cylindrical tool used for sewing. On one edge there is a tip that penetrates in the fabric for sewing and on another edge there is a hole(eye) that carries the thread through.

Machine Needle: Machine needle is a long cylindrical specialized tool that helps in stitch formation .A sewing machine consists of shank clamped by a sewing machine. 

Marking Pencil- On a range of woven and vinyl fabrics ,the fabric pencils are used to give clear and Precise marks .These markings are easily removable by the use of a wet cloth. 

Bobbin- Bobbin is a spindle on which the thread is winded so as to provide the lower thread  for the stitch formation.

The purpose of the bobbin case is to support the bobbin in the machine shuttle mechanism, so that the stitches could be formed.

Safety pins: Safety pin is a bent metal pin used to give temporary fitting to the garment while it is worn on the dress form. It is also used to hold accessories on the dresses.

Draping pins: Draping pins are pins used to temporarily hold the fabric, while stitching. After applying a final seam these temporary pins are removed from the garment. These are used especially at the time of attaching fusing to the necklines.

A pincushion- A pin cushion is a small stuffed cushion. It is used in sewing to store pins or to hold them in an organized manner.

Fabric cutting shears: Manual fabric cutting tool are known as shears. These are especially designed for fabric cutting, with their unique handles. One handle is a small elliptical for a thumb ,and another a long elliptical for the fingers to have a firm grip while cutting.

Pinking Shears: Pinking Shears are scissors with zigzag blades instead of straight blades. These are  designed to edge finish paper or fabric with a zigzag pattern.

Needle Threader: Needle threader is a device that assists the sewing machine operator to put thread easily through the eye of the needle.

Seam Ripper: Seam ripper is small sewing tool used  to unravel the wrong stitches from a seam. The sharp point of the tool is inserted in the seam from underneath the thread to be cut. The another edge is covered by a plastic ball at top so as to secure the edge. There is a cutter at the "U" turn in middle which enables the smooth cutting of the unwanted stitches.


Sewing threads: Sewing threads are the long thin strands of cotton ,nylon or other fiber. These are used to sew the garments ,there by forming stitches. These threads are formed by the twisting of fibers among each other.

Serger Thread/Overlock thread: Serger thread is a fine thread used for edge finishing the fabric beyond the seam allowance in the stitched garments. The winding of fine thread is done on the large spools.

Thread cutter: Thread cutter is a device used to cut the left over or extra thread tails during or after the stitching of garment.

Screw drivers: Screw drivers are a part of Sewing Kit ,as these are frequently used by the sewing machine operator to change the machine needle, thereby loosening and tightening the  needle screw. Large screwdrivers are used to fix the timing issues of the bobbin case mechanism. 

Thimble : Thimble is a metallic finger tip cover worn while doing hand needle work on the fabric. It protects the fingers of the operator from getting hurt by the needle.

Woven pasting: Woven pasting is a pasting used to give stiffness to various parts of a garment. It is made out by interlacing of warp and weft threads with a coating of adhesive on it. This adhesive makes the pasting stick to the fabric on heating . 

Tracing wheel: Tracing wheel is also known as pattern wheel or dart wheel. It is a rotating wheel fixed to a plastic or wooden extension. There are multiple teeth on the edge of a wheel.

Paper Pasting: Paper pasting is a soft pasting used to impart stiffness to the garment. Paper pasting is made up of  felted fibers to form a sheet. It is very softer as compared to the woven pasting.

Tweezer: Tweezer is a metallic tool used to thread the sewing machines, where the threading by hands is not easily possible. It is generally used in an overlock machine/Serger or flatlock machines.

Straight Scale: Straight scale is a tool that has markings on both inches and centimeters on it. It is used in measuring the length and to mark straight markings on the fabric while drafting patterns on fabric. It is usually made up of wood, metal or plastic.

Hip Curve Scale: Hip Curve scale is a curved shape scale made out of wood, metal or plastic. It is used to give the shape of hip to the trousers .The waist and bust shapes of ladies upper wear are also perfectly given by hip curve scale.

L- shaped scale: L - Shaped scale is a wooden, metallic or a plastic scale used by the designers to mark and straighten the bias corners out of the edge of the fabric. 

French curve scale: French curve scale is a wooden metallic or plastic scale used while garment drafting. It is used to draw smooth curves on the garments such as armholes and necklines.

Dress form: Dress form is  a cushioned three dimensional model of torso used to check the fittings of the designed garments. These are available in standard sizes in the market.

For better understanding do watch the video describing the various sewing machine tools 

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