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Check your Bobbin case(Lesson 4)

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Getting ready with the machine

Way to insert Bobbin in Bobbin case and Bobbin case in the sewing machine

It is very important to ensure the proper placement of bobbin in bobbin case and the bobbin case in the sewing machine as if it is not fitted properly then there are chances of breakdowns in the machine. In earlier Lesson we have learnt the proper way to wind the bobbin now in this chapter we will be learning the way to fit Bobbin and Bobbin case in the Sewing machine. So to start with it lets have a look at the image of a bobbin case and recognize its parts and their functions.

Image of labelled bobbin case­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­👇

Steps involved in inserting bobbin in bobbin case :

 Step 1 Insert the Bobbin in the Bobbin case by holding the edge of the thread by  hand.

Important : The bobbin should be placed in the direction in which it will release the thread from in front to the latch

 Step 2 Now pass outwards the thread  through the thread slot.

Step 3 Pull the thread outward about 4 to 5 inch so that it can be easily picked by the needle to form a loop.

Proper Tension of bobbin case thread:

A good stitch can be formed only if both threads involved in stitch making are having same tension. Before setting the bobbin case in the shuttle it is important to check the tension of the thread.The ideal way to check the bobbin case tension is:

Step 1 Hold the thread by hanging the bobbin case downwards.

Step 2 Jerk the thread of the hand .

Step 3 If the bobbin case having bobbin fells down very  smoothly ,then that means the bobbin case tension is very loose and is needed to be adjusted.

Step 4 If the Bobbin case hangs down without releasing the thread even on giving jerks then that means the thread tension is too tight and is needed to be loosened.

Step 5 If the bobbin case disperse about 2­­-3 inch thread on giving slight jerk then that is the right thread tension of the bobbin case.

Ways to adjust the tension of the Bobbin case :

Loose or too tight tension of the bobbin case can be adjusted by the “Tension spring screw”.

*If the thread coming out of the bobbin case is too tight ,then it is required to be loosened by loosing the “tension spring screw”, with very small screw driver.

*If the thread coming out of the bobbin case is too loose, then it is required to be tightened by tightening the “tension spring screw”, with the help of a small screw driver.



Step 4 If the bobbin case hangs down thereby releasing 2-3 inch thread on every jerk, then that means that it is the proper thread tension of bobbin case.

To have a clarity please check the given video .

 So I hope friends it is clear to  you ,

Dear friends once you will have  the basic knowledge of your machine ,then it will be very easy for you to sew. So  now lets move on to our next learning which is very important.

Proper way to insert the bobbin case in the Sewing Machine:

Important: Set the machine needle in upward direction before starting to place bobbin case inside the shuttle.

Step 1 Hold the bobbin case in the left hand.

Step 2 Hold the bobbin case in the way, thereby keeping the index finger above the latch.

Step 3 Insert the hand holding the bobbin case in the shuttle.

Step 4 Pull the latch outwards with the help of thumb and press the bobbin case inwards.

Step 5 You will be hearing a sound of setting, leave the latch of the bobbin case.

Step 6 Now the bobbin case is fixed properly in the hook of the bobbin hook assembly.


Step 7 To ensure proper placement, it is very important to slowly rotate the hand wheel towards your self  by using hand .

Step 8  If the needle pass through the hook and comes back upward smoothly, that means our bobbin case is stuck properly in the shuttle.

If the needle strikes somewhere underneath, don’t forcefully try to fit it as it may break the needle or can produce harm to other parts also. Many time it has been seen that the beginners use to fit the bobbin case and start running the machine either by hand, foot or motorized. This hurry leads to the accident causing not only breakage of needle but may also damage machine needle plate, bobbin case or feed dog.  Don’t panic, set the needle in upward direction by hand and remove the bobbin case out by holding the latch. Repeat the above steps again to place bobbin case properly in the machine. 

So friends after giving 4-5 trials I am sure You will be perfectly installing your bobbin case in your sewing machine.



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