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Start Your own business from domestic Sewing Machine

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                                          If you have "Sewing skill and a sewing machine; and you need to earn extra income." Then here are best creative sewing business ideas you can start at home .To start your home sewing business, you should not only be good at sewing, but you would need to carry out a research on what you will require to start the business. You should also have a good survey of the market before starting among the competitors and should be ready to face challenges. Also, ensure to keep proper records and pay close attention to your balance sheet so as to make a profit.

Listed below are 10 lucrative sewing business ideas for you to choose from:

1. Fabric Mask making - It is one of the rising business ideas in garment manufacturing . You can start your own business by just a simple sewing machine and some sewing techniques. Cotton masks are in great demand now a days and people are selling it as hot cakes and earning a lot. These masks can be made either on simple sewing machine and if you choose for knitted fabric then you need a folding machine to attach bone to the mask.

2. Tailoring business( Boutique)- This is one of the highest earning business ideas. In this business, you can start your small scale set up at your home .For that you need only a sewing machine that generally ladies use to have at home. Another thing that you need to have is an overlock machine.  You will need a big cutting table of the about 4 feet . A press that is always available at home.
Total cost required to start the business:
Sewing machine:
• A domestic sewing machine       2500   to  4000 ( mandatory expense)
• Umbrella Sewing machine          5000   to  7500
• An industrial sewing machine      17000  to  30000

An overlock machine:
  •   A non branded simple overlock machine         3500   to   5500  (mandatory expense)
  •   An industrial overlock machine                        20000  to  30000
  •   A cutting table                                                   5000   to    8000
  •   A press                                                               500    to    2000  ( mandatory)  
3.  Fabric Shop
If you have a good taste of clothing then a garmenting shop could be a good  option for you .  If you feel there is a need for more choices of fabric in your area ,then you start up with this lucrative idea. Fabric shops are very profitable especially retail operations and can earn you a quick profit in no time.
However, you would need to carry out a research on the kind of garments and the colors people in your area mostly use. Beside that you should have updates of latest trends so as to approach your customers with updations . After starting ensure that you promote your store offline by passing out flyers and online via social media forums.

4. Uniform shop

If you are good in stitching and want to flourish as a success full business person then uniform stitching is one of the lucrative business ideas. All you need to have the knowledge of the patterns of graded sizes of kids .For this business you need to make a sample kit of uniform and to present to the school authorities to get the orders I will suggest you to start from small schools as kindergartens. Once you will be successful in getting the order, then it is very important to ensure that the delivery of goods to made in time.
• Important thing to note here  is that the  School uniform making business will not give you huge profits among single piece manufacturing as in the case of’ Boutique’
• This business is purely a game of high productions.

• Once you will gain the confidence of your buyer ,then slowly and steadily your business will grow to great extent.

5. Hand embroidery - If you are have a knowledge of hand embroidery ,then it could also be one of the  best designer works. Now a days hand works are in great demand so you can enhance your learning along with earning a handsome amount .The Indian Government has been constantly promoting women so as to promote handwork and to make them self sufficient .Handworks on garments have high demand in local, national and international market .Stay updated in fashion trends and market.

 All you need is

• Just you have to create impressive designs  of embroidery as per the fabric and the type of garment that is to be made out of it.

• Create beautiful designs on shawls and baby blankets.

• Design your own garments and embroider those as per the theme.

• Embroider cushion covers ,border of bed sheets as per the seasons and occasions.

• Design necklines of dresses for designer houses using sequins and stones.

6. Machine Embroidery - If you are planning for a machine embroidery business idea but can’t  invest much at present then instead of purchasing big 12 head machine a simple embroidery     machine could be a best option for beginning. You can pick any best brand as Usha , Singer,  Berni, Brother. You can start from small but can end up to a wide empire.

7. Designer kurti’s  - Beginning of summer season means the demand of upper tops and Kurtis for women . Designing your own Kurtis and selling is a good business .You can make your own lucrative designs and can sell them at your own home shop. You can put your own labels to it and can establish your own small scale business.
Girls kids wear can be included in it as it’s construction does not need special machinery .Preparing a collection of various girls dresses as frock ,skirts , palazzo  dresses, crops tops can make you earn more. Be cautious to:

• Present  your designs beautifully.

• You can advertise about your product on social media and with your friend circle.

• You can advertise through pamphlets distribution also, for that simply you have to get the pamphlets printed and to give to the news paper suppliers to put in news paper in near about areas and deliver door to door. For  this the vendor is going to charge a nominal payment from you.

• You can show your products to the garment shopkeepers. To establish your business with them first of all you have to keep your profits low ,later on you can rise them.

These activity can help a lot in advertising your products. You have to ensure a good presentation that includes :
• Good quality of fabric to be chosen.
• Quality stitching as per the market scenario.
• Best finishing of product.
• Appealing packing.
• Finally the presentation should be very good.

8. Garment Stitching Job work - You can start by providing garment stitching services to the running manufacturing units. If you have the knowledge of stitching then you can earn by doing job work. In this case you need not to go for adds and publicity. Just what you have to do is to visit the nearest small scale garment manufactures with your stitched samples. On satisfying their queries there are a lot of chances for you to get the work. You can employee some people under you to meet the targets given in time. Once you will gain the confidence of buyer then definitely you are going to continue and flourish in this business.

9. Knitted and crotchet hand made ups - Friends you have to check out the talent with in you and have to explore it accordingly .Now I would like to talk about another in demand garment projects. If you know how to knit but you lack ideas on creative ways to make money out of it then I would like to share some experiences here with you.
knitting - knitting is a process of producing the fabric by hands using thick needles. knitting is done by the process of inter-looping yarns among each other. In winters the knitted hand made sweaters, scarfs, socks ,frocks, crop tops, shrugs and Kurtis are in great demand. People are coming back from machine made to hand works ,so your art of knitting can make you earn a lot. To begin with the business first of all what you need to do is to make a beautiful collection of all the projects. You can make a face book page and share your designs over there. Hand made knitted wears are in great demand in foreign countries also.

10. Home furnishing - In this you can start your own business of home furnishing as apron, kitchen napkins, handkerchief ,curtain making ,Table cloth, bed sheets ,pillow covers ,cushions etc. These are such household products which do not need an expertise to make. Just you need is to be update with the trends and to move forward making your own designs .

       So friends, these are some Best stitching business ideas that you can adopt to start your own SEWING  BUSINESS.

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